What is this

This is a creative writing blog. For NaNoWriMo 2014, I want to write 1 blog post a day (either at least 500 words a day, because that’s how long an application essay is sometimes, or writing for 15 minutes, or writing for however long I want, apparently) since I don’t think I can accomplish full NaNo this November. I’m going to fill random prompts, either for fanfiction, or just generic creative writing prompts I find on the internet somewhere. I will also use The Write Practice suggestions. I will try to link to the TWP post that I found the prompt on.

By the way, I refuse to edit anything I post on here. There won’t be spelling mistakes, but I’m not extensively editing anything on here. I write what I write and then I hit publish and then I pretend that I can never see it again, and that no one else can see it, either. If I edit it, I might put it on a different blog or something, or repost the edited version as a different post. IDK. But this is a rough draft blog. A writing practice blog. A writing blog. A practice blog. Blog.

And the reason why I don’t edit is because I spend a lot of time planning. I can’t spend time planning AND editing. I have other stuff to do. a;slkdfj;aslkdfjas. Sorry.

If you want to, please comment on anything that strikes you as notable 🙂 I appreciate any kind of feedback! (I mean it…. I won’t yell at you or tell you that you’re wrong….I understand that I have a lot to learn 🙂 )

I hope you enjoy my writing practice! Happy blogging.


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