A Halloween Sleepover

Samantha sat on her bed, two pillows stacked one in front of the other against the wooden headboard, laptop in her lap, several Tumblr tabs open, and mug of hot chocolate to her right on the dresser. She had long red hair, straightened to perfection, still perfect even though it was of late hour, because she had only done her hair about three hours previously. She wore an orange turtleneck even though she hated the color, and black leggings, though you couldn’t see them, since they were under the covers. Her bedsheets were white with fall leaves printed on them, their shades varying from light orange to dark brown. There was the occasional tree, full of orange flowers printed on the sheet, as well. Last week, when the bedsheets had to be changed, her mom placed them on her bed without a word. Samantha obediently obeyed silently, because what else was there to do? She didn’t feel like fighting about bed sheets. And today, before her Halloween “party” her mother put out the black leggings and orange turtle neck.

“Where did that come from?” Samantha wanted to know, when she went to downstairs to fill her water bottle. It was 4:30, and she would have to start getting ready for her party soon. She wouldn’t need all that time to get ready–she could be fast if she wanted to–but today she didn’t want to. She just wanted to relax before the party, and during the party. She wanted to relax for as long as possible without having to think about anything other than her friends, food, and possibly Tumblr.

She pressed the water bottle to the water dispenser in the fridge.

“Where did what come from?” her mother asked. Her mother had thick red rimmed glasses, rectangular in shape, over her bright blue eyes. Her eyelashes were darkened with ample coast of mascara and a sharp line of black eyeliner. The rest of her makeup, save her light pink glossed lips, was done so that it wouldn’t be noticed, with primer, foundation, powder, and a few other magical ingredients. Samantha knew this because she learned her own makeup routine from her mom, and that was what she did, too, usually. Her mother wore a white long sleeved t shirt with a slinky black cat on it. The cats eyes were wide and green, and somehow slightly terrifying. Her jeans were dark and her feet in black socks.

“That orange turtle neck.” Samantha took her water bottle from the fridge and tightened the lid on it. Her water bottle was just a plain dark blue one, but it had a built in straw that Samantha found extremely convenient, and she liked it a lot.

“It’s for you. Wear it for your party.”

Samantha took her water bottle back upstairs to get ready for her party.

So that’s why she was wearing an orange turtle neck, and why her bedsheet was fall themed. Also, the rest of her room was decorated for fall too, even though all the decorations would have to come down at some point during November, because then they would have to get ready for Christmas, right? Sometimes her mother made her wait till December 1 to go into Christmas and Winter mode but sometimes it was barely halfway through November 1 before her mother flung fake snow and snowglobes and red and green trinkets at her and her room.

Other than the artful leaves hanging from artful places in her room and the seasonal artwork her mother insisted on [15:00, but i also decided to text neha about math homework so yea] hanging about the house, her room was also decorated with friends. That part made Samantha especially happy. Maybe almost jumping for joy, but certainly very content.

To her left was her best friend Reyna. Reyna had short black hair that always looked like it should be featured in a hair commercial, with Paul Mitchell running his fingers through it in vague patterns,  and clear bright olive skin that glowed there was sunlight captured beneath her skin, and light green eyes, so inquisitive and demanding and mysterious. She wore black eyeliner but other than that, very little make up. She didn’t need it, and she preferred to spend her money on school supplies. The notebook, that Samantha had inquired about when Rey got it out at the beginning of the party, in her lap was  indeed new, and it was a simple black composition book, with a standard marble cover. It did have a big square sticker of Queen Elsa, like the stickers the dentist always stocked for young children, but that expected age range clearly had not stopped Reyna from getting an Elsa sticker. She had a similar sticker on the inside cover, but it was of Princess Tiana. Rey was wearing a black shirt with short loose sleeves. One delicate, tanned shoulder was exposed, even though it was completely freezing outside. The shirt had a huge gold crown printed on it, and underneath in font that mimicked a paintrbush’s strokes, it said, “queen.” Izzy had given her the shirt for her birthday this year, and though it was fitting, well the shirt fit, but also the design of the shirt fit Reyna’s personality, Reyna would never actually wear anything like that, so it was basically for a joke. But then Reyna wore it to school the next week and Izzy was head over heels ectastic. It was actually completely adorable. Reyna wore black leggings, and each leg had a single gold stripe running up its length. She wore thin white socks with green stripes on them. But, she was also under the covers, so her pants were not visible at the moment. When she had arrived at Samantha’s house, though, obviously her entire ensemble was visible.

At the foot of the bed, specifically, at Reyna’s feet, was Izzy. Izzy lay curled around her laptop (Samantha thought that position was probably going to hurt tomorrow), blogging with one hand, and her back was pressed against Reyna’s legs. Her dark fingers blogged at a frantic pace–all their dashes would be flooded. Her thick black hair was braided in two plaits on either side of her head. She had no make up on at all, but she was beautiful, too. Her skin wasn’t nearly as clear or flawless as Reyna’s, but really, no one else’s skin could match Reyna’s perfection. But everyone was still quite adequate. Izzy wore light blue pajama bottoms that had Hello-Kitty like white cats that wore scarves striped with dark pink and light pink all over them. Each cat had a bow that was one of three varing shades of pink perched on one ear. She wore a black hoodie that was significantly too big for her, and a huge smile on her face. She had insisted on changing into pajamas as soon as she learned of the plans of the sleepover.

Ayla and Mawar were on the some kind of sitting thing together by the window. Both girls had their laptops open as well. Ayla had beautiful pale skin and dark almond shaped eyes. Her eyelashes were naturally dark and thick. Her lips were small and pale, maybe looking like they always  pursed.  There was very little color in her skin and she looked like a marble statue. Mawar next to her was dark skin in contrast. She had straight thick black hair that was cut to below her shoulder, but she had her hijaab strewn on top of the shelf on the other side of  the window. The hijaab was soft and a plain pale pink. Mawar’s eyes were dark chocolate brown too. Ayla wore a red and black plaid shirt over a plain navy blue t shirt, and black skinny jeans, and no socks. Her feet were rather large, and her toenails had chipped bright blue nail polish on them. Mawar wore blue jeans, plain white socks, and a plain long sleeved t shirt.

They all blogged together happily ever after.


I am literally so tired of this prompt. I never want to describe anything ever again. Oh my god.

I could have described the laptops, too, but I don’t care. I have already spent so much time on this story. It’s not even a story. And guess what, Izzy and Reyna are totally dating ❤ It’s canon 🙂 Well its like subtle canon.

The prompt came from here and I mean yeah I didn’t do exactly as the prompt asked but prompts are meant for prompting writing not for limiting it (: smh.  Yeah, so this post was brought to you in part by The Write Practice, Halloween, and Tumblr. Also not wanting to do math homework. 🙂 See you tomorrow!


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